Create a portfolio roadmap

The Portfolio roadmap is one of the most important roadmap visualizations in Aha! You can select which products and/or product lines you wish to view, then visualize how these products deliver value against any strategic initiatives that you have established.

Customize which part of your portfolio is visible

You can easily customize the data presented on your product overview dashboard by clicking the Choose Products drop-down. Select the products or product lines you wish to see, then click "Apply" to update your dashboard.

View your releases organized by strategic initiative

Strategic initiatives are the large efforts your team is working towards, and one or more initiative can be tied to any given release. The initiatives are listed on the left and create swim lanes that releases tied to the initiatives are organized in.

If you are using product lines, the dots represent releases from the underlying products. The dots will be organized into product line level swim lanes if you have established a strategic initiative rollup that ties product and product line initiatives together.

You don’t have to create any initiatives to generate this beautiful roadmap. The releases will simply be organized in a single swim lane called "Releases."

View release timing and progress

In this view, you can see releases represented at product line level with dots and underlying product level with the bars. The bars represent the duration of a release, and the product line level dots denote when the release will be completed.

When each release is completed, a check mark is added so that you can see the value you've delivered and what's next to come. When actively working on a release, you will see a progress bar in the product level release bar. Mousing over an active release will also give you a pop-up burn down chart.

Add your portfolio roadmap to your notebook 

As with every screen in Aha! you can click the Export option. This option adds your product portfolio roadmap to a notebook to share with others.

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