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We want to provide some relief from endless hours spent arguing over the "most essential features." Our experience is that those discussions are based on theory and hearsay. In the past, we used spreadsheets to try to solve this problem. But spreadsheets are tough to use across a team, provide poor visibility, and are not tied to the feature and requirement details.

Using the Aha! scorecard will allow you to rank features against your strategy. Each product can have a unique scorecard comprised of metrics that reflect your strategy, but make sense at a feature level. You can fully customize the metrics, scale, weighting, and complexity used to add quantification to your features. 

You may consider using one scorecard for all of your products to compare features across the portfolio — but that's up to you. Just note that if you change scorecards for a product, the previous data will be lost.

Create your scorecard

We get you started with a default scorecard, but you can also create your own — you can even create multiple scorecards by creating custom scorecard fields. To create your own scorecard, simply click on the Manage scorecards link inside of the existing scorecard, or go to your account settings.

Because the scorecards impact your entire account, you must be an administrator to set them up. However, once they are set up, product owners can select which one to use for their product. Then, both product owners and contributors can update the scores. 

  • You can create scorecards under Settings > Account > Configure Scorecards
  • You can clone a scorecard in Settings > Account > Configure Scorecards by moving your mouse over an existing scorecard and clicking the Clone button that appears on the righthand side. 
  • You can select a feature scorecard for your product under Settings > Product > Configure > Scorecard for features

Note that scorecards are updated once so if you want multiple people to weigh in, it's best to have a live collaborative session or request they provide comments for each feature. 

Change scorecard formula values

The best way to change formula metrics on a scorecard is to modify an existing scorecard rather than create a new one to replace it. This preserves all of the existing data and recalculates the total based on the revised formula (with the new criteria set to 0).

Warning: If you create a new scorecard with new formula values to replace an existing one, the historical metrics from the original scorecard will be deleted.

Prioritize features

Once you create and implement your scorecard you are rewarded the ability with a more objective way to prioritize features. Just click the Aha! score number on a feature (the default score will be zero). You can edit the values of your various metrics by moving each slider left or right, or by typing a valid value directly into the box above each metric.


The Aha! score is now the leading indicator of feature priority. You can drag features to new rank order on the Features > Board view (shown), customize the feature cards to display key details supporting the score, evaluate each release more closely on the Feature > Detail view, and provide custom views on the Features > List screen. 


Features can also be re-ranked in a release automatically by score (or other criteria shown below). To rank a release by score, just click on the drop-down arrow in the upper right corner of the release column in the Features > Board and select Score.


If you are ready to customize your scorecard further, try advanced scorecard equations

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