Ideas chart view

The Ideas > Chart page is a visual way to prioritize features across products by assigning a score based on where in the chart you drop them. This enables you to quickly identify which ideas will be promoted to features. 

You can narrow down the list of features to score by filtering by default or custom fields, such as product, status, tags, and created by. To score, simply drag any feature over to the 2x2 chart. Chart options allow you to determine the horizontal and vertical scale so that each quadrant is positioned correctly and decide whether or not to show the idea names. 

Once you have a useful view, you can share it with your internal or external stakeholders through a Notebook or save it for future working sessions. To share your list, simply click on the More options button on the top right of the page. You can create a new Notebook or add it to an existing Notebook. 

To save the view, click the Views dropdown on the top right of the page and select Save view. When saving the view, you can name the view and define access rights, where it should be saved, and if others can edit the view. You can reference previously saved charts by clicking Views and selecting Saved views.


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