Private ideas portal

A private portal provides an ideas forum for registered users only. The URL is publicly available, but unless a user is registered, they will not be able to log in. Private portals are useful for teams that want to provide a way for select groups — such as employees, partners, or key customers — to provide feedback to help with prioritization.

All registered users will be able to submit ideas, see what else has been suggested, vote and comment on ideas and subscribe to ideas. Users who submit and subscribe to an idea are automatically notified when the idea has been implemented. 

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Private idea portal users

Users can only register if they use an email address that belongs to one of the domains included under Employee/Partner emails tab of a portal's profile. To get to a portal's profile, navigate to Settings ⚙️> Account > Configure ideas portals, then click on the portal you wish to edit. Alternatively, you can set up single sign-on for ideas

To limit a private portal to a subset of users, leave the Employee/Partner emails section blank. Under the Portal users tab, you can add users by clicking Add portal user. For a larger list of users, select Import users under the More options button. You can import both users and ideas to a private ideas portal.

Aha! users who have permission to the product from within Aha! will still be able to use the private portal even if they are not listed as a portal user.


Portal challenge screen

When a user first navigates to the public URL, they are presented with a challenge screen where they can enter their credentials or register. Once a user registers, they will be sent a confirmation email to validate their identity. 



Viewing ideas

Once a user logs in, they can view all previously submitted ideas, vote, and comment. 


Adding new ideas

As a user types a title for their idea, existing ideas display. This allows the user to add a comment or vote on similar ideas. Users can also search before adding a new idea. 

Like any ideas portal, a private portal can be custom-branded. You can use CSS, JavaScript, and custom fields to make it look and feel just like your website


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