Submit-only ideas portal

You can use a submit-only ideas portals as a public channel to collect new ideas for your product, campaign or service, and still maintain privacy around the pool of existing ideas. Anyone who knows the URL can submit new ideas, but they cannot view ideas that have been submitted by others. Only Aha! users can see the ideas.

Things to consider

When managing a submit-only portal, here are a few things to consider:

  • Submit-only portals may require more time to manage because users can submit duplicate ideas and Aha! does not filter those out. This typically requires merging as ideas are triaged, which could take more time.
  • Users also cannot vote on ideas, which may make it difficult to prioritize or know which ideas are most important to them.
  • Even if a user already has an Aha! account, an idea portal user record will be created for them the first time they submit an idea. This will mean that ideas submitted via this portal type will not be attributed to the Aha! user even though the email address is the same.

When to use submit-only ideas portals

Many find a submit-only portal to be the best solution when they want:

  • To collect bug reports for triage.
  • To collect private feedback from a focus group.
  • To collect private feedback on an invitation-only group of power-users.
  • To embed a feedback form in their application.
  • Submissions to remain private to the original submitter.

And like any ideas portal, you can use CSS, JavaScript, and custom fields to make your submit-only ideas portal look and feel just like your website. See Advanced custom portal design for details.

To learn how to create a submit-only ideas portal, see Ideas overview.


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