View other users' work

While viewing work assigned to yourself is important, it is also helpful to be able to quickly see what is assigned to others on your team. This is especially useful for Aha! users in management roles that are looking to review the work that their team is doing.

You can easily view work assigned to others through the My work page. My work is accessible by clicking the home icon in the top left of your account.



Permissions in Aha! are based on user access to products and product lines. As an Aha! user, if you have permission to view a product, then you will also be able to view all of the to-dos associated with records in that product.

This means you can see to-dos for other users within products or product lines that you have access to. If there is a user in your account that has to-dos assigned in products you do not have access to, you will not be able to see their to-dos. If you and the other user do not have access to any of the same products, you won't be able to see that the other user exists.

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