Integrate Aha! with Slack

Slack provides a group chat platform for agile teams, making it easy to keep distributed teams in sync and productive through real-time sharing of information and integration with third party systems. 

Aha! integrates with Slack in two meaningful ways to help keep your team in sync with the latest changes in your Aha! account, and let them quickly create records in Aha! from anywhere within Slack. 

Slack (from Aha!)

Automatically send all desired product activity from Aha! to the Slack channel(s) of your choice. In Slack, your team will now see the same information that you see in your own activity stream in Aha!, including integration activity.

By customizing which strategy, release, idea and feature updates you stream, everyone in the channel can focus on what matters most.  Example streams could include tracking product launches on releases, or tracking team comments on key features and Initiatives.


Setup instructions for the Slack (from Aha!) integration are here.

Slack (to Aha!)

Enable your users to create records in Aha! directly from Slack. Users will be able to create records in Aha! for the products in which they have Contributor or Product Owner permission.

Add ideas, to-dos, features, master features, releases or initiatives from anywhere.  Seamlessly transition from a message about a new feature to instantly adding it to Aha! within the same conversation. 


Setup instructions for the Slack (to Aha!) integration are here.

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