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People pay lip service to transparency and collaboration driving product decisions in leading technology companies, but it's scary to actually make it real. Product management is art and science and no one wants to be second guessed. That's why product teams need both better input data to make product decisions and better tools to share their thoughts and capture feedback.

Aha! makes it possible to do both -- capture customer and business priorities and share all product team decisions and activities through a real-time stream.

We allow product teams to provide true transparency into what they are up to. You can share the decisions you are making by product or across your portfolio of products with these capabilities.

Aha! activity stream

The Aha! activity stream captures all adds, edits, and deletes that take place in Aha!, either natively or via two-way system integrations. For the first time, product management teams have a complete record of everything they have done and can share that information to provide complete transparency. By logging all activities, the team can understand how their strategy or a release changed course over time. It provides a complete history of what happened and why.

How to report on activity

As with most data, we provide multiple ways to find and view your activity data. There are four:

  • The activity history is available under Home -> Activity.
  • You can also view object related activity under the Actions -> History menu for Goals, Initiatives, Releases, Features, Requirements and Ideas. 
  • If you want to see just your own activity a quick and easy way is found under My profile -> Activity (via the drop down next to your name in the top right).
  • If you want to drill into the history of other team members, click on their avatar from your home page or switch users from the My Work screen.

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