Aha! is a system for product managers; as such, to-dos are not tasks for developers. To-dos are a powerful way for product managers to manage tasks that need to be completed and are readily available on most screens and for all data elements as denoted by the To-dos + button.  Additionally, to-dos are a way product managers can collaborate with other key stakeholders on plans related to releases, phases, milestones, features, and requirements.

The intent of to-dos is to assign work to be completed, versus specifying features, or requirements, to be completed. Example to-dos at the feature, or the requirement level, could include:

  • "Review this feature description - did I miss any important details?"
  • "Add a new requirement to cover the API work."
  • "Add an Aha! score for this feature."

In these cases, to-dos in Aha! should be complete before features or requirements are sent to the engineering team to build.

To-dos can also be used to manage cross-functional activities that product managers are involved in such as go-to-market messaging, design tasks, or other key tasks that are a part of the new customer experience. Sample cross-functional to-dos might include:

  • “Review content for support guides.”
  • "Give me feedback on the mockup."
  • “Get approval from Jane on release phase changes.”

In these cases, to-dos in Aha! should be completed before releases, phases, or milestones are marked as complete.

You can report on to-dos and their associated attributes, such as assignee, status, due date, etc. Users can get a quick snapshot of all their to-dos by mousing over their profile picture in the upper righthand corner of their screen and selecting My Work

When you create and assign a to-do, or add or remove to-do assignees, the relevant users receive an email and a notification from Aha! with a link back to the relevant record. You can also assign to-dos to yourself (though Aha! will not notify you in that case). 

To-dos are manually sortable so they can be organized based on due date or other personal preferences. To sort, hover over a to-do until the cross appears. Click on the cross and drag it into the desired and logical position. 


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