How to use To-dos with features or requirements

Aha! is a system for product managers; as such, to-dos are not tasks for developers. 

You should not use a to-do to specify features or work to be done. To-dos in Aha! are for the “meta” work -- the work it will take to define a feature, but not the feature itself. Requirements hold the detailed specifications of features. 

Sample to-dos might be:

  • "Review this feature description - did I miss any important details?"
  • "Review the feature description and attach wire frames for consideration."
  • "Give me feedback on the mockup."
  • "Add a new requirement to cover the API work."
  • "Add an Aha! score for this feature."

To-dos should not cover the work that an engineer will do to implement functionality. To-dos and their associated attributes such as assignee, status, due date, etc. can be reported on, but you cannot manage them all in one screen as you can for features and requirements. This is by design. 

In most cases, to-dos in Aha! should be complete before features are sent to the engineering system for the development team to build.

When to-dos are added to features or requirements, they are manually sortable so they can be organized based on due date or other personal preferences. Hover over a to-do until the cross appears. Click on the cross and drag it into the desired and logical position. 


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