Breakout companies serve lots of different kinds of buyers. And buyer personas represent those very real people who need your product. Well-defined personas allow your entire team to empathize with your customers' pain points and better understand their needs.

You can build detailed personas in Aha! to capture descriptions, likes and dislikes, and metrics like income and education. You can even add a hero image visual to put a face to your persona and make it a perfect item to add to a Notebook presentation.

With your personas created, you will need to add the special Personas custom field to your products, strategic initiatives, releases features, or ideas. This allows you to then use your personas to generate reports and present on how the functionality you are adding to the product drives value for your target users. 


Add personas to your strategic overview

Personas in Aha! are located under Strategy > Personas.

The first time you visit the personas page and click Add persona, an example persona card called Paul: Pro Racer will be added. The persona for Paul provides an example of the type of content you can build out on the Personas page. 

To get started with your own personas, click Add persona on the left side of the screen. Adding a new persona will bring up the persona slide out card which allows you to define the fields for your persona as well as add content to the fields. To edit an existing persona, simply click anywhere on the persona to open the persona details slide out. The details slide out is also where you can delete personas (such as Paul's) by clicking the More options dropdown.

Aside from editing the content of the persona, you can also rearrange the order in which it is displayed by dragging and dropping the various components on the main persona card. By default, all fields will be displayed on the card, but you can hide any of them simply by mousing over and clicking the Hide field icon. 

As soon as you hide a field, a new dropdown for Hidden fields becomes available. The Hidden fields dropdown allows you to re-enable any fields you hid. Data associated with fields you hide is also retained and will still be there if you unhide a field.

You can reorder the persona list on the left side by hovering over a persona card and clicking and dragging the arrows icon that appears. This helps to ensure your target personas are well prioritized and easily visible.

Defining your personas

It’s important not to rely on your colleagues or the sales team — or simply turn to surveys — when creating personas. To make personas as real as possible, you must speak directly with your customers and prospects. Keep asking, “Why?” until you understand their challenges and motivations. If you speak to enough customers, patterns will start to emerge. This will allow you to distill key insights that can be used to characterize each persona.

Consider pursuing and answering these key questions for each persona that you create for your product or service:

  1. What is the customer trying to achieve?
  2. Why is the customer trying to achieve that goal?
  3. How will the customer be impacted if they cannot achieve the goal?
  4. Which alternatives might help the customer reach their goal?
  5. What must you deliver for the customer to reach this goal?

The first three questions determine the essence of each persona. The second two can help you win the heart of the customer — and get paid for doing so.



 Inherited personas 

If you build out a product hierarchy where your team defines personas at higher levels in your account, personas have the ability to be inherited to all child products and product lines. This will happen by default and all inherited personas will be identified along the left navigation.

Move or copy personas between products

Personas can be copied or moved to other products and product lines. Perhaps the persona was created in the wrong place or maybe the persona you created for a product could be better used against an entire product line and inherited to across products.

  1. From the main menu, select Strategy > Personas.
  2. Click on a persona to open up the details view.
  3. Click on the three small dots (...) in the top right corner of the page, and then select Copy persona or Move persona.
    • If you are copying a persona, select a product, enter a new name, and then click Copy.
    • If you are moving a persona, select the new product, and then click Move.

Add the personas custom field

Custom fields can be added to your products, strategic initiatives, releases, features, and ideas. Personas have their own custom field type that prepopulates with the list of your defined user personas and allows you to easily associate the personas with the different data objects in Aha!

If you want the custom field to be automatically added to all products in your portfolio, add the field to a product line instead of a product and it will automatically inherit to every product under the product line.

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