Enterprise+ plan features

The Enterprise+ plan is the most exclusive plan that Aha! offers. It takes our exceptional level of responsiveness and support to a new level and provides a number of additional benefits that our most discerning customers desire. 

In addition to the world-class training and onboarding provided through the Enterprise+ Concierge service, the following software features are exclusive to the Enterprise+ plan:


  • IP address access control - Protect your entire account from unauthorized access by specifying IP addresses allowed to access to the Aha! application, your Notebooks, and each ideas portal. This ensures that even if a user’s Aha! credentials are compromised, access to your confidential data will still be protected. Learn more
  • Enhanced Notebook security (SSO) - Aha! Notebooks group together your reports and views in the application, making it easy to share roadmap information with anyone. Enterprise+ accounts gain the exclusive ability to enable Notebook SSO access control for Notebooks, which greatly reduces the chances of unauthorized access. Learn more
  • Session expiration control - Enforce a maximum session length for your Aha! users to ensure compliance with your organization's IT polices and keep your data secure.
  • File attachment virus scanning - In addition to server-level protections provided for all accounts, this feature helps protect against malicious files being uploaded by your users and shared with other users in your account. If Aha! detects a virus in a file being uploaded, the upload is rejected, and the user is notified. Learn more


  • Custom tables - Extend the Aha! data model and truly design the way you manage important information with custom tables. You gain the ability to store and report on related custom data elements unique to your organization. Learn more
  • Custom worksheets - Bring key financial and product data together to make more informed decisions. This feature helps you display, calculate, and report on key budget and performance data using a wide range of formulas and operations. Learn more

Account management

  • Account backup and export - Complete account backup allows the most diligent IT administrators to rest easily. Enterprise+ customers have the option to export a full JSON backup file of their Aha! environment to store themselves. Learn more
  • Advanced license management - Reduce the complexity of managing a large number of user licenses across multiple teams within a single account. Advanced license management allows Administrators with billing permissions to allocate a subset of the total licenses to each team in your organization, ensuring one team does not accidentally assign the licenses that were purchased by another team. Learn more

Please contact us at support@aha.io with any questions about these exclusive features available as part of the Enterprise+ plan or if you need any help choosing the plan that is right for your team.

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