Coming improvements to integrations

Integrations are important for many Aha! users so they can share work with their engineering teams. Based upon the feedback from many customers we have been working on significant improvements to the underlying architecture for integrations. We call this Integrations 2.0.

Integrations 2.0 includes a number of key new features:

  • Integration functionality will be the same across the systems Aha! integrates with. Previously the integration with JIRA contained a number of features which were not available for other systems.
  • Master Features and Initiatives can be mapped to records in other systems.
  • The integration can be configured field by field. This allows complete control over which fields are set in the other system, and how fields map. Almost any field in Aha! (including custom fields) can be mapped to fields in the other system as long as they contain similar types of data.
  • The direction that data flows in can be completely configured. You can configure some fields to flow from Aha! to the other system, and other fields to go from the other system to Aha!, or for data to be synchronized bidirectionally.
  • There are many other improvements to the user experience for configuration and synchronizing records.

 Timing and rollout

  • Integrations 2.0 has been rolled out for Jira, Rally, and Microsoft VSTS and TFS integrations.
  • Other systems will be added to Integrations 2.0 over the next two quarters.
  • There is no immediate change to existing integrations. Integrations 2.0 operates in parallel and you can migrate to Integrations 2.0 when it makes sense for you.
  • There is a tool for converting existing integrations to use Integrations 2.0.
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