Configure relationship links to allow automatic imports from your development system (integrations 2.0)

Record links are an important aspect of configuring your field mapping when integrating Aha! with a development system. The "Links to" option appears at the top of your field mapping step. It allows you to define which parent records are associated to the child record you are editing, the corresponding record in your development system, and the direction of syncing the information.

This has a basic functional purpose. For example, adding the release value to a feature will ensure that the record created in your development system is populated with a value for the release. What makes this particularly important is that this record link relationship allows you to automatically import new records created in your development system directly into Aha!

How it works

In the "Mappings" step of your integration configuration, you will be presented with the list of Aha! records mapped to the records in your integrated system. Beneath each record mapping is a line for "Linked to." This displays the relationship links that exist within each record.


By clicking on the field mapping option, you will be able to customize the links. There are six different Aha! parent-child relationships to consider when setting up your mappings:

  • Initiative -> Master feature
  • Initiative -> Feature
  • Release -> Master feature
  • Release -> Feature
  • Master feature -> Feature
  • Feature -> Requirement

These relationships establish the ability for new records created in your development system to be imported into Aha! automatically. For example:

  1. You set a "Links to" value on your feature field mapping for releases.
  2. You send a release from Aha! to your development system.
  3. In your development system, you add the record type you have mapped to an Aha! feature to the release created from Aha!
  4. That new record would appear in the import dialogue as a candidate to import due to its association with the release.


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