Configure links between integrated records

Record links are an important aspect of configuring your field mapping when integrating Aha! with a development system. The Links to option appears at the top of your field mapping step. It allows you to define the relationship between a child record and a parent record and determine how this relationship should be synced between Aha! and the development system.

There are six different Aha! parent-child relationships to consider when setting up your mappings:

  • Initiative → Master feature
  • Initiative → Feature
  • Release → Master feature
  • Release → Feature
  • Master feature → Feature
  • Feature → Requirement


Without the Links to values mapped, records sending from Aha! to an integrated system will never be properly linked to related parent records. Similarly, records being imported from an integrated system into Aha! will also not be related to parent records. 

How it works

In the Mapping step of your integration configuration, you will be presented with the list of Aha! records mapped to the records in your integrated system. Beneath each record mapping is a line for Linked to. This displays the relationship links that exist within each record.

By clicking on the field mapping option, you will be able to customize the links. 

These relationships allow the syncing of information, such as what release a feature belongs to or which feature a requirement belongs to. 


Aha! automatically populates the Linked to mappings as part of our recommended defaults for every integration. If you chose to customize your integration and redo the record mappings, the Linked to values will automatically be set as long as you map the parent records before the child records.

This means that if you add the record mappings for releases first and the record mapping for features second, the features will automatically have a Linked to mapping established. This associates the feature to the release.

However, if you do this in the opposite order, and create a mapping for features before releases, the Linked to mapping will not be automatically added. So you will need to manually add it if you want the integration to communicate the relationship between features and releases.


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