Sending changes and accepting imports from your integrated system (integrations 2.0)

Integrating Aha! with development systems allows teams to do all of their planning in Aha! and then send planned work to their development system through our integrations. Sending a new record from Aha! to your integrated system is done through the record's "Actions" drop-down menu, where you can the select "Send to (the name of your integration)."

Once you have sent the record from Aha!, the record is linked and updates will flow back and forth between Aha! and your development system. For each integration you set up, you have two methods to configure how updates flow.

  1. Approve outgoing changes. Changes will not be sent until they are approved. An orange dot will appear on the "Settings" menu when changes are ready for approval.
  2. Automatically send outgoing changes. Changes will be sent immediately from Aha! to your development system. For description fields, there is a delay of five minutes before sending so that all changes are sent together. New records created in your development system will still need to be approved before they are imported to Aha!

Changes made in your development system to integrated records automatically come back into Aha! without the need to accept the changes. This prevents conflicts if a record were to be edited in both systems at the same time.

Sending changes to your development system

"Automatically send outgoing changes" is the default option. With this option selected, any change you make in Aha! automatically sends to your development system without the need for any additional action.

If you choose the "Approve outgoing changes" option, all of the changes you make to integrated records in Aha! will be listed in the "Integration updates" window located under the "Settings" icon in the top right of Aha! With this option, an orange dot will appear on your navigation bar, letting you know you have pending updates.


When you open the "Integration updates" window, you will be presented with a list of all pending updates filtered to your own changes. You can click on any record to view details of what was changed. 

Click the checkboxes to select the specific changes to accept and send to your development system.


Accepting imports from your development system

New records created in your development system are handled a bit differently. Through the use of relationship links, records created in your development system can potentially be automatically imported into Aha!

If you add a record to your development system following the rules defined in the above referenced support article, the record will populate into your "Integration updates" window as an import option. You have the ability to review what the record is prior to importing it. When the import occurs, Aha! always imports the most up-to-date copy of the record — so there is no need to worry about missing changes that might occur while you are reviewing!


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