Custom fields missing from personas or competitors

The issue 
You have created a custom field for Personas or Competitors, added the field to the appropriate custom field layout, and enabled the layout for your product. But the custom field is not appearing when you are viewing, or editing, your Personas or Competitors.

The cause
When you create new custom fields and add them to your layouts for Personas and Competitors, they are hidden by default. This is because Aha! makes it possible to hide custom fields that you do not wish to be displayed on these views.

The solution
To display your custom fields, they will need to be made visible on the Personas or Competitors views.

  1. Go to Strategy> Personas or Competitors
  2. Select any Persona or Competitor that you have created
  3. Click “Hidden fields” button in the upper-right of the view
  4. Select the custom field that you would like displayed and it should appear in view


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