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The Aha! integration allows the support team to funnel ideas directly into your Aha! ideas portal. Customer support teams can create ideas from cases to quickly capture and relay feedback to the product team. When a new idea is created, the idea name and description are pre-populated with the case details for easy editing and quick submission.

In addition to new ideas, if a customer asked for something that has already been requested, the support team can search for and link that case to the idea in Aha! without ever leaving When linked, the idea is added to the case details in


To configure this integration you will need to be an admin in Aha! as well as a Administrator. You will also need to have an ideas portal already created in Aha! to use with the integration.

Enable JSON Web Token single sign-on for the ideas portal. The Remote login URL will not be used, but must be entered. For this value enter "".

To get started, go to Settings > Account select Integrations and add the integration. It is important to note that this is under Account Settings, not Product Settings. You will need Aha! Admin access to see Account Settings.

With the integration added to your account you will need to perform the following steps in Aha!:

1. Choose the ideas portal you will use for the integration.

2. Select Create ideas using customer name if you want ideas to be created using the case submitter.

3. Enter your URL.

4. Click Authenticate and enter your login credentials (the user must be an Administrator in

5. Click Add Integration URL.

6. This will create an Integration URL within for the Aha! integration

Next, you will need to log into to finalize the configuration and go to Admin > Cases > Integration URL. Open the Aha! Integration URL and copy the shared key.

Back in Aha!, paste the shared key into the Shared key field in the integration setup and enable the integration

Lastly, add the integration into the case layout

From the Admin dashboard:

1. Navigate to Cases, then in the left sidebar click Cases > Next Gen Case Layouts.

2. Click Add Case Layout.

3. Expand the Integrations panel and drag the Aha! Integration (canvas) into the desired position on the layout.Add_Aha__App.png

4. Click to edit the Aha! Integration (canvas) section and change the height to 500.

5. Add the layout and make it the default.

6. Test the integration by opening a case and adding an idea to Aha! though the integration.

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