Invite your team to collaborate

Building a great product is a collaborative process that works best when teams are working together. You can easily invite others to your account so you can start collaborating to build beautiful roadmaps.


Invite a new user

To invite a new user, just select the icon in the top right-hand corner of your account. Then, you can decide the type of user permissions you want them to have.



Collaborate with your team

Now, you can easily loop team members into the conversation and your workflow using the following tips and tricks.

@Mentions  Using @mention automatically adds a user as a watcher or a comment subscriber so your teams stay informed.

#Mentions   Using #mention references any feature, idea, or release for easy access to other data.

Be a watcher   Keep your team up to date with any additions and edits in Aha!  

To-dos  Assign to-dos to your team to help refine a feature or review your work.


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  2. Import your existing backlog
  3. Create your first roadmap
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  5. Integrate with JIRA (or other dev systems)
  6. Share your visual roadmap

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