Invite your team to collaborate

Behind every great product is a great product management team. Invite your team to your Aha! account to collaborate on work and build beautiful roadmaps.

Invite users

To invite a new user, just select the icon in the top right-hand corner of your account. Then, you can decide the type of user permissions you want them to have.


Collaborate with your team

You can easily loop team members into the conversation and your workflow using the following tips and tricks.

  • @-Mentions Use @ mentions to automatically add a user as a watcher or a comment subscriber on an Aha! record so your teams stay informed.
  • #-Mentions Use # mentions to reference any Aha! record. Users can click on your link to go directly to that record.
  • Watchers Users can watch a record to keep up to date on status changes and work progress.
  • To-dos Assign to-dos to your team to help refine a feature or review your work.

Share internal best practices

When your team members first join your Aha! account, they will see our Quick start guide, which will help welcome them to Aha! and invite them to collaborate with the rest of their team.

Your company might have its own internal standards and best practices for Aha! users on your account. If so, you can add a link to your company documentation in Settings > Account > Profile — and even include your company logo if you have added it in the Primary logo section above.


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  3. Create your first roadmap
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  5. Integrate with JIRA (or other dev systems)
  6. Share your visual roadmap

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