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This article is for teams that use a product workspace. If you are using Aha! to manage marketing workspaces and marketing lines, see this article on the reports dashboard.

The reports dashboard is a central location for managing all of your roadmapsanalytics reports, saved views, and presentations. With the reports dashboard, you can quickly locate and organize your reports using folders, search, filters, and favorites.

Using the dashboard

The dashboard is located at Roadmaps > Dashboard > Overview. By default, the Saved reports toggle is selected, which provides visibility to saved views and presentations. If you are just getting started or you are looking for a report template, the Example reports tab contains a wide variety of sample reports.

The dashboard's quick filters, located on the left sidebar, can be filtered to show AllViews, or Presentations. When All is chosen, you will be able to see both views and presentations.

The dashboard can be filtered using the quick filter options on the left sidebar for Recents, FavoritesCreated by me, Shared by me, and Shared with me. To further narrow your results, you can use the filter dropdowns located on the toolbar.


When the dashboard is filtered to show All, the Recents section will show four of the most recently accessed presentations and views. If you click the Recents quick filter option on the left sidebar, you will see a complete list of recently accessed presentations and saved views.

The order of the reports in the Recents list is determined based on the date that you last opened the report.


For quick access to presentations and views, you can create your own list of bookmarked reports by marking a saved view or presentation as a favorite.

To bookmark a saved view or a presentation on the reports dashboard Grid view , hover over the top-left corner of a thumbnail image and click the star icon . If you are on the List view , hover to the left of the report name and click the star icon. Once bookmarked, the report will display with a yellow star and will be easily accessible from the Favorites quick filter. To remove a view or presentation from your favorites, click on the star icon to deselect.

You can also favorite a report from the report itself. Click the star icon  next to the report's name, or favorite a particular saved view by clicking Views > Saved views and hovering over a particular saved view. 

Shared reports

To share a saved view within Aha!, choose the product(s) and/or product line(s) with which you would like to share your saved view in the Shared with dropdown. Users with viewer, reviewer, contributor, or product owner permissions to any of the products or product lines where the report is shared will have access to the saved view.

To share a saved view with people outside of your Aha! account, open any report, click the More options button, and select Share as webpage to generate a secure URL. See this article for more details on sharing saved views as webpages

Using folders

Folders help you organize saved views and presentations. To create and edit folders, you must have product owner or account administrator permissions

To create a new folder, click the Add folder button located on the top of the reports dashboard when you are filtered for All or when you are already viewing the contents of an existing folder. To rename an existing folder, right-click on the folder name and select Edit.

Saved views can be added to or removed from folders by product owners, contributors, or account administrators in the following ways:

  • Drag and drop: Drag the thumbnail image onto the destination folder or onto the folder name in the file path.
  • Move to: Right-click on a saved view and select Move to. A modal will appear where you can select a destination folder.
  • Save as: When saving a new view, select a destination folder from the Save in dropdown.
  • Edit: When editing an existing view or presentation, update the Save in field to select the relevant folder.

Note: Folders are not tied to a specific product and they do not have permissions; they inherit visibility from the views within them. Contributors, reviewers, and viewers will only see a folder if they have access to at least one saved view or presentation within that folder. 

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