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Product managers use Aha! to capture all of their product data so they can make plans, manage work, and then share it with their team and stakeholders. Being able to create and then save unique views of the product data for each stakeholder or team is key for many customers. However, as users add more data and become more comfortable creating and saving those views, the lists of saved roadmapsanalytics reports, list views, and published Notebooks can be difficult to manage and navigate. 

The reports dashboard is a central workspace to organize all of your key product management views. It makes it easy for you to search and manage all of your saved views and Notebooks in a single location — no matter where they were created in Aha!

All users can access the reports dashboard from Roadmaps > Dashboard > Overview. The Saved reports tab allows users to see the views they have saved or those that have been shared with them by others. The Example reports tab allows users to explore additional visualizations and reports through templates provided by Aha!

Saved reports

The Saved reports tab is selected by default to quickly view All saved views and Notebooks. This can be filtered to Views only or Notebooks only. Views and Notebooks will only be visible in these lists if the user has created or been given access to these reports through a share. These lists can be filtered by creator, the level at which they were shared, or report type.


Additionally, users can jump to filtered views of: Favorites, Created by me, Shared by me, and Shared with me.


All users can create their own list of bookmarked reports by marking a saved view or Notebook as a favorite. To bookmark a saved view, hover over the top left corner of the thumbnail and click the star icon. From the list view, hover to the left of the report name and click the star icon. Once bookmarked, the report will display with a yellow star and will be easily accessible from the Favorites quick filter. To remove a view from your favorites, just click on the star icon to deselect, then refresh the page. 

Using folders

Folders organize views and Notebooks into groups so they are easier to manage and locate. Once a folder has been created, saved views, Notebooks, or nested folders can be added. Users can click on a folder to see its contents.

Product owners and account admins can create and edit folders. To create a new folder, click the Add folder button visible from the All view selection or from an existing folder. To rename an existing folder, right-click the folder name and select Edit. 

Saved views can be added to or removed from folders by Product Owners, Contributors, or account Administrators in the following ways:

  • Drag and drop: Click and hold the view thumbnail while dragging it to the relevant folder or folder name in the breadcrumb. 
  • Move to: Right-click the view and select Move to. A modal will appear to select the relevant folder. 
  • Save as: When saving a new view, select the relevant folder from the Save in dropdown.
  • Edit: Editing an existing view or clicking on the view or Notebook from the dashboard will open the detail drawer. Update the Save in field to select the relevant folder. 


Note: Folders are not tied to a specific product and they do not have permissions; they inherit visibility from the views within them. Contributors, Reviewers, and Viewers will only see a folder if they have access to at least one saved view or Notebook within that folder. 

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