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Email notifications are sent from Aha! to keep you updated on all the changes made by others to records within your account. As a busy product manager with a productive team, your inbox may be flooded with emails of Aha! updates. To receive email notifications, you must be enrolled as a watcher or participant on records. You can control the frequency of emails you receive about those records by updating your email notification preferences. At each product level, you can choose to be emailed instantly, hourly, daily, or not at all. You can also customize notifications on records you are actively or passively involved in.

Enroll in notifications

There are two levels of record activity you can choose to receive notifications for: watcher and participant.

Watchers are the users who have elected to follow updates to a given record. This can be set for the following: 

  • Products and product lines: Overview, notes
  • Strategy: Vision, model, positioning, personas, competitors, goals, initiatives
  • Releases
  • Ideas
  • Features

The notifications a watcher is set to receive depend on the level they are watching. Aha! users with the appropriate rights can add themselves as a watcher, be added by others through the Watchers field on a record, comment on a record, or be @-mentioned by another user on the record. Additionally, the creator of a record is added as a watcher for that record by default. You can remove yourself as a watcher by editing the Watcher field on the record. You can also manage your watched items in bulk through Settings > Personal > Profile > Notifications and then clicking on the Watching tab.

Participants are users who have been directly involved with the record through assignment or subscription to the comment thread. You can subscribe yourself to a comment thread by adding a comment or another user can subscribe you to the thread by @-mentioning you in a comment. To remove yourself as a participant from a record, you can click the Unsubscribe link in the bottom corner of the comment thread or assign the record to another user. You can manage your participant comment subscriptions in bulk through Settings > Personal > Profile > Notifications and then clicking on the Participating tab.

Set your notification preferences

Notification preferences are managed at the product level from Settings > Personal > Profile > Notifications. The Preferences tab allows you to set the frequency of notification levels to instant, hourly, daily, or none. Notification settings can be made at the product level or set at the product-line level and inherited by the nested products. Notification digests sent for hourly and daily updates are grouped by product — the same way preferences are set.

  • Instant notifications send emails within 10 minutes of a record being updated. Instant emails are record-specific but show all the changes made to that record within that 10-minute delay. Changes to non-comment records will highlight the changed values in yellow. 
  • Hourly notifications send email digests for changes made across product records over the last 60 minutes. They are triggered on the hour. 
  • Daily notifications send email digests for changes made across product records over the last 24 hours. Daily emails are triggered at 9:00 p.m. Pacific Time. 


Users can also subscribe to receive weekly summary emails for products. This is managed separately from watchers or participants but is a great way to get an overview of what is going on in a product. To receive the weekly summary email, select the checkbox next to Send under the Weekly summary email column. Those with non-inherited, explicitly-set product owner permissions are enrolled to receive the weekly summary email by default.

Administrators in Aha! can set notification preferences and update watcher/participant subscriptions for other account users by clicking User at the top of the Settings > Personal > Profile > Notifications page.

The bottom of the page has two additional notification configuration options:

  • Receive notifications for dependent records: If this box is checked, you will automatically receive notifications for records that are linked to the records you are watching. This includes the following dependency types: Depends on, Is impacted by, and Is blocked by.
  • Receive notifications for integration comments: If this box is checked, you will receive notifications for comments created by integrations. Uncheck this box if you already receive emails from a third-party system (e.g. Jira) for the same events.

Note: The Turn off all notifications setting affects email notifications on to-dos for assignment, edits, and comments. Daily reminders of upcoming and overdue to-dos are not affected by this setting.

Note: Emailing watchers through the Email watchers link on a record will email each watcher based on the preferences they have set.

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