Jira error: 401 authentication error with correct credentials


If you are seeing 401 authentication errors in your Aha! account but know you are using the correct email and username-- the same login credentials that let you access your Jira instance today-- it could be related to this known Jira bug.


In September 2016, Atlassian started a phased rollout to ensure all cloud product users would be tied to an Atlassian user account. Instead of associating a user with a username and cloud instance URL, this account created a universal profile tied to a user’s email address to let users access Atlassian university training, submit bugs to Atlassian support, etc. As of May 2017, this update has been forced across all Atlassian accounts.

In some instances, this update has resulted in Atlassian users being locked out of API access with their credentials. This surfaces as a 401 authentication error even though the same credentials can be successfully used to log into the Atlassian account itself.

From Atlassian:

"Before your users' accounts upgrade to Atlassian account, REST APIs that accept user credentials expect a username and password. After the upgrade, REST APIs that accept Atlassian account user credentials expect a verified email address instead of a username."

Many Aha! customers have made this update and are now using their email to successfully authenticate. Other customers have made this update and have faced 401 Authentication errors.


Atlassian suggests a few workaround options in the comments of the bug ticket. We have tested and verified another workaround for the time being:

  1. Go through change password process at https://id.atlassian.com but instead of changing your password, enter the existing password.
  2. Ensure you are able to login to Jira account successfully.
  3. Enter your username or email address and existing password in the Jira integration configuration. We have seen both work, but Atlassian recommends using your email address.
  4. Test connection to ensure success.

Going through the change password process unlocks an account that is locked out of the API. You must use the same password again, unless you also change all integrations immediately to use the new password. Otherwise the other integrations will have the wrong password, will fail, and will lock the account again in a few minutes.

If you continue to have issues, reach out to support@aha.io. While this authentication issue is related to Atlassian changes, we will do our best to help troubleshoot a workaround.

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