Jira error: "Remote error for 'create_feature': Unhandled error: STATUS=500"

This error is a generic JIRA error essentially stating something is wrong on the JIRA server itself and can mean a few different things.

The most common cause for this error with the Aha! JIRA integration is through the workflow of sending Epics and Stories to JIRA. A bug was introduced into the JIRA API that resulted in this error occurring when attempting to populate the 'Epic Link' field in JIRA when connecting a newly created Epic and Story together.

This is known to impact:

It is resolved on:

  • JIRA 6.7.14
  • JIRA 7.1.4

As this error is tied to the JIRA API the only solution is to perform a JIRA server upgrade if you are running one of the affected versions and wish to send Epics and Stories to JIRA from Aha!

If you are receiving this error while not sending Epics and Stories to JIRA, or you are not running an affected version, please contact us through support@aha.io and if possible have your JIRA admin review your server logs as those often can contain additional information as to what failed on the JIRA server.

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