Set customer vote counts in ideas portals

Voting is how your stakeholders express interest in an idea on a public or a private ideas portal. Your stakeholders can review ideas other users have submitted and vote on the ideas they wish to see implemented. They also automatically vote on ideas they themselves submit.

Of course, an active community that is passionate about your product can result in a lot of ideas and a lot of votes! That is why we provide product managers the ability to manage the voting capacity of their community by:

  • Allocating a set number of votes per user
  • Allocating a max number of votes per idea

It is important to note that we typically argue against limiting people’s ability to provide feedback. But when it comes to prioritizing customer ideas, deciding how many votes each person gets can be the way to go. We do recommend that when launching your first idea portal you allow users to vote as many times as they want to encourage participation and use of the portal.

How it works

Through your idea portal configuration, you have the ability to define how many votes a user has by default as well as how many times each user can vote on an idea.

Allocating votes per user

If you have decided to set the number of votes each portal user has, they will see this in the My Votes section in the left-hand navigation. Once an idea that a user voted on is shipped, the votes will be refunded so the user can vote on other ideas.

If they try to vote on an idea when they have no votes left, they will be prompted to remove votes from other ideas first. Similarly, if the user creates a new idea when they have no votes left the idea will create with 0 votes associated with it.

If they vote on several ideas that are eventually merged, their votes are summed in the newly merged idea. If their sum exceeds the max number of votes per idea, the number of votes over the max will be returned to the user. 

Allocating votes per idea

If you opt to allow users to vote multiple times on a single idea, the vote count box will allow them to choose how many votes they wish to apply to the idea. Upon voting, this will also show the number of votes they have associated with the idea. 


Navigate to Settings > Account > Configure portal and select the portal you wish to configure. On the main configuration screen, you will have two options for managing how your users vote.

  1. The first option to determine whether users should have an unlimited or defined number of votes per user. If you elect to have a defined number of votes per user, you will then have the option to define exactly how many votes each user has. This established the baseline number of votes per user, you can edit individual users under the idea portal users tab to grant specific users the ability to have more or less votes than the default number defined here.
  2. The second option is to define the number of times a user can vote on an idea. With this option, you can give users the ability to vote on a single idea up to 10 times. This is useful as it allows users to use up all of their votes for a few ideas if they feel particularly strongly about them. 


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