Manage your product information with notes

Notes provide a valuable and flexible capability to capture detail history of your product. Just a few examples of common use cases for product notes are:

  • Central artifact reference
  • Day-to-day meeting minutes related to your product
  • Portfolio, business unit, and product line charters
  • Ramp-up and training notes for new product team members
  • Standards and process reference for how Aha! is used for that product

Notes in Aha! are fully searchable, enabling quick indexed access to everything about your product.

When you export notes via notebooks, you can then share your product information notes outside of Aha!, and even embed them within a web site for greater visibility.

Create notes

  1. Navigate to Product > Notes and click New Note. 
  2. Within the text editor you can use formatting such as headings, lists, tables and insert inline images. 

Change order of notes

If you want to change the order of notes within a product, simply click the Rearrange button at the top of the note tree structure. After a change has been made the button title will change to Done. When you have finished making changes, clicking Done will toggle the tree back to being uneditable.

Create parent/child hierarchy

  1. To create hierarchy, simply create at least 2 notes, then drag one note slightly below the parent note while in Rearrange mode and do a quick flick to the right to create the nested parent child relationship.
  2. From that point on, you may select the parent note and click New Note. Continue until all desired sub-notes are created. 
  3. Notes can be re-organized through drag & drop. Save your changes by clicking the Done toggle.
  4. If sub-notes are referenced in other areas of Aha! via a link, selecting the link will open up the hierarchy so that the linked note is easily visible.

Move notes to another product

Sometimes notes are created under one product but then you want to move them to another product. You can use the Actions drop down menu on notes to move them. If you move the note at the top of a hierarchy tree, all child notes move as well.

Reference notes across Aha!

You can use # mentions in any text field in Aha! to create a link to a note. This is especially useful if your notes contain design specs for a feature being developed. You can #mention the note and create a link right in the feature description!

Relate notes to other records across Aha!

Product notes can be added as related records to other data objects. To add a related record to a note, click on the Actions menu in the upper right of the note and select "Link to another record". Once linked, a new "Record links" section will display at the bottom of the note referencing the related data records allowing you to quickly visualize the relationships.

View note history

Every note created automatically tracks the history of edits that have taken place. You are able to revert back to previous versions of a Note by clicking the History button in the text editor and then moving the slider to the time frame you want to revert to.

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