Manage team access to your product

Product owners on Premium and Enterprise plans have the discretion to choose who is invited in to collaborate on the product, and at what access level. Product > Users provides visibility and management capability for users within your product.

Primary user roles

A user's access is granted per product or product line. The primary user roles are listed below in order of lowest permission to highest (with the product owner role containing all of the permissions listed to that point).

  • None — No access to the specified product, but can have access to other products in Aha!
  • Viewer — Can view records, create reports, create and respond to to-dos, and be added as watchers to all records. 
  • Reviewer — Can comment throughout. Can create and edit their own ideas from within Aha!
  • Contributor — Can add and manage strategy, notes, releases, and features. Can create and manage Aha! presentations.
  • Product Owner — Can create new products, manage users within their product(s), create integrations, and customize product settings.

User and notification management

The Users menu enables the Product Owner to remove and change permissions for users of their product. They cannot delete users; only an Administrator can do that. But this gives them control over who can see their product and what user permissions they will have. To remove a user, hover over that user and click Remove user from product. To edit a user's permissions, click on that user. 

You can also come to this page to edit which users that belong to a product receive the weekly summary email for the product. This will not disable all summary emails for the user, only information in the email related to the specific product where it is disabled.


When users are centrally-controlled for license management

Product owners cannot add licenses to the Aha! account from Product > Users. They can, however, allocate available seats that have already been purchased. When multiple teams are using Aha! at once, this may be less desirable than central administration management of adding users.

You may instead choose to leverage the Contributor role more often in larger organization as opposed to Product owners. Contributor access provides the ability to manage a product but not the ability to change its configuration or invite product users like a Product Owner can. In this scenario, Product > Users is often also globally hidden by customizing your navigation under Settings > Product > Navigation. Your users with billing admin access exclusively manage users via Settings > Account > Users.

Bulk edit users

Product permissions can now be updated in bulk by navigating to Settings > Account > Billing > Users

If you have an Enterprise+ plan, you can also assign paid seat groups in bulk.

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