Showcase your product overview

A product overview provides a profile of where your product fits into the overall customer offering. You can use Product > Overview to provide key at-a-glance information for every product your company offers. Overviews are available for product lines as well as products, providing a means to showcase a profile at every level of your product structure.

Create your product overview

Add a description so that the team understands how to position your product. This information enables the team to consistently describe the product regardless if they are working on the Web site, a fact sheet, presentation, sales pitch, or press release.

Often times the language that is used here is also the same language that is used in the boilerplate on the press release to describe the company and its product(s). The product description should focus on the buyer, their problems, and the benefits of using your product.

The following is an example of a meaningful product description. The pattern and flow can be reused and content specific to your product can be added to create your own (if you need one).

Aha! is the new way to create brilliant product roadmaps. It helps product managers and engineers build what matters and be happy doing it. 

Creating great products is invigorating. And product managers should be the happiest people on earth. But most companies never benefit from their product manager’s love of innovation because they are consumed by soft strategy, weak tools, and squishy communication. Aha! is for them -- built by product development experts for product and engineering managers who are looking to get their mojo back.

We provide the cloud-based product innovation management software, so you can focus on setting the right roadmap strategy and prioritizing the key features that customer’s want. Our goal is to help product managers succeed by making it easier to lead teams to build great products.

Forget about using a combination of Powerpoint, Word, and Excel to share your ideas and set the direction for your product. It’s time to use one platform to simplify what you do and lead your product with conviction. Let us help you build brilliant roadmaps and lead your product with conviction.

Build the future, now. The possibilities are endless.

Customize your product overview

You may also enhance this page with custom fields to add "fact sheet" style data to your product overview, and a product logo for reference in competitor views. Some common custom fields for your product overview may include:

  • Head of Product information (user or contact details)
  • In-process opportunities your product is working to complete
  • The overall solutions your product is packaged into as part of a customer-facing offering

Showcase your product overview

Many roadmap communications in your company may be helped by a "goal first" introduction to your product and how it helps the customer and the overall offering. You may export this product overview in notebooks for these types of roadmap communications.

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