Starter roadmap

The Aha! Starter roadmap is the easiest way to build a beautiful visual roadmap in minutes for any audience. It also makes getting started with Aha! as easy as drag-and-drop.

You can quickly get started creating goals, initiatives, releases, and features by simply dragging them onto your roadmap. Then, customize what is shown and craft the perfect roadmap view to securely share your plans with your team.

How it works

The Starter roadmap is located under Roadmaps > Starter. Creating a roadmap is simple, the box on the right-hand side includes the data you can add to the roadmap, you can choose to create new content or use existing content when assembling your roadmap. 

The most powerful thing about the Starter roadmap is that it is not just another simple roadmap drawing tool. As you drag and drop bars, you are also creating and linking real product data in your account. This data can then be used to unlock even more visualizations and roadmaps in Aha! This also means that changes made on the Starter roadmap will be reflected elsewhere; if you move a feature to a different release here, it will also move on your Features > Board and anywhere else the feature is displayed within a release.

In addition to being able to quickly add data to a roadmap with this screen, you can also click into the details for everything you add to fully flesh out descriptions, scores, attachments and anything else you would normally add to the data in Aha!


Understanding data relationships

When assembling your roadmap on the Starter roadmap it is important to fully understand the relationships being created as you drag and drop data.

  • When you add a Goal to a Product, that goal is now part of the product across Aha!
  • When you add an Initiative or a Release to a Goal swim lane, the initiative or release is now part of that Goal across Aha!
  • When you add a Feature to a Release, that Feature is now part of that Release across Aha!

However, features do not gain the relationship to the goal or initiative through drag and drop. This is done by design to allow teams to have a feature within a release that is associated to a different goal or initiative than the release at large.

Additional options

There are two configuration options for the roadmap as well as an Undo/Redo option. The ellipses icon that appears on mouseover of any object on the roadmap and the Customize option on the top right. 

Clicking the ellipses will open a drop-down menu allowing you to perform four actions.

  1. Edit name: Edits the visual name of the object, this allows flexibility over the names visualized without editing the actual saved names.
  2. Hide from export: Keeps the object visual on the roadmap but it will be hidden when exporting as a PDF, PNG or Notebook.
  3. Remove from roadmap: Removes the object from the roadmap, does not delete it from Aha!

Clicking the Customize option on the top right will allow you to toggle what data objects are visible, allowing you to quickly hide or show entire sets of data based on the type, such as hiding all features. You can also choose to color bars by record type or status. 

To the left of the Customize options are the Undo and Redo options; these are useful for reverting changes made to the roadmap.





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