Enterprise+ plan

The Enterprise+ plan is the most exclusive service that we offer. It takes our exceptional level of responsiveness and support to a new level and provides a number of additional benefits that our most discerning customers desire. 

It includes advanced security and backup features, ongoing product hierarchy advice, and world-class training. It provides our highest level of service for enterprise customers and large organizations who demand the best. And all of the additional benefits and the higher level of service is included in the annual cost. 

We have developed custom methodologies and deep expertise for best serving Enterprise+ customers. This means that we commit significant resources to provide the service and we work closely with customers who are in the plan from the moment they sign up. Couple this with the fact that we only hire experienced, former product managers who are Aha! and product development experts to work with our customers, our Enterprise+ plan is also the most expensive for us to deliver. 

And because of the level of our investment in the service, customers who select the Enterprise+ plan should plan on staying in it. We do not allow downgrades from the plan. We are generally flexible when it comes to customers changing their plan type, but cannot offer the same level of flexibility with the Enterprise+ plan due to the consultative services that we provide as part of it. 

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